The harder will you fall the heavier will your heart

  • "An eye-opener for me. The way the syllabus was designed, it was easy to learn. This is contrary to the 'tough' portrayal of rock climbing training. The faculty here are very experienced and competent, being able to explain everything with great patience. The biggest take away was in the form of Kanisha, my 3-year old daughter who had great fun climbing the rocks at Bhongir, thanks to the super friendly instructors."

    Deepak B.V. GENPACT, Bengaluru.

  • "The 3-day Basic Rock Climbing Course is designed to push you to the limits! By the end of it, though successful, I was totally drained! So you better be fit before you sign up. The Telangana cuisine served at the campus is simply delicious!"

    Suraj Suryanarayanan Target Corporation, Bengaluru.

  • "A vacation well spent in India! I shall go back to my university and continue rock climbing over there. Big kudos to the instructors for having a mountain of patience and being able to answer the tiniest of the queries without losing their cool!"

    Prasanna Kumar University of Berlin, Germany.

  • "Can't have a better place to learn Rock Climbing with as much convenience than Rock Climbing School at Bhongir. I have already done my Basic Mountaineering Course, but since I am more interested in Rock Climbing, it’s only here I have learnt further nuances of rock climbing."

    Jatin Kumar Indore.

  • "No other institution encourages both junior and senior people like Rock Climbing School does. I have done the Basic Rock Climbing Course at 68 years young! Thanks to Mr. Parmesh Kumar’s expert guidance and supervision, I was able to clear the course with flying colours. It’s just due to the foundation at Rock Climbing School that I went on to scale Mt.Elbrus, the highest peak in Europe."

    Vijaya Bhaskara Reddy Nellore

  • “Here is how Rock Climbing School at Bhongir helped me overcome my fear of heights: Experienced faculty, clear and simple method of instruction and world class equipment. From a person who gets vertigo from the first floor of a building, to being able to climb a 60-foot granite wall, all of this happened in 3 days at Rock Climbing School! Thanks guys!”

    Pranitha GENPACT, Bengaluru.